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Call to the Craft

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My Ancestry

I was born in Texas with deep roots along the Gulf. My bones carry the history of folk from the British Isles, Germany, Spain, and Angola. After living in Australia for a time I am now living on occupied Coast Salish and Duwamish lands (Seattle)

Red Poppy


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I, Sam Scarlett Sage, am not a licensed mental health provider, therapist, lawyer, or medical professional. I am qualified to give legal advice, medical or psychiatric care, or provide medical diagnosis or recommendation. Always consult your health care team before taking any new herbal product or beginning new physical activity.


I make no claims and do not guarantee specific results. By law, I am required to state that goods and services are sold as curios for novelty purposes. This work is not a substitute for professional or medical care.
Client must be 18 years or older to book Services. By booking an appointment with me you affirm that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms expressed.


Clients agree that Services booked must be for their own personal work and provide their consent.  Services on behalf of another person will not be performed in order to protect boundaries and establish consent between Client and Practitioner.


Services and ritual work that I perform on your behalf will be within my personal and professional boundaries as I attend to your intentions and work with Spirit. 

Results will be best obtained by Clients being prepared for their requested services with clear intentions, an open mind, and willingness to engage with Spirit communications, messages, and the transformative work that may need to be done.
Every session is different. Please be aware of your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs and any accommodations or after care you might need. You will be responsible for tending to these before and after our session. I am available for follow up or referrals if needed.



I will bring 20 years of practicing witchcraft, spiritual mediumship, and traditional magic to the table to address your intentions, needs, and desires for our session to the best of my ability.  If something arises during our session which may be potentially compromising or harmful, I will address this directly with you and we will work together to address the cause and effects.

Take what works for you from our session. Examine what does and doesn't resonate for you as there is value found in both.


Payment for Services may be made through the website or through the following:

Venmo: @hissandhowl


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